CIM Training course

One-day training course to increase your understanding of the independent Common Information Model (CIM) for the utility industry in the standards IEC 61970, IEC 61968 and IEC 62325

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CIM training course

Training Information

  • Duration:

    1 day

Course planning

Date to be determined
Arnhem, the Netherlands
English or Dutch (depending on the group composition); course material in English
EUR 900
not yet open

In the energy domain, the smart grid is an important topic of discussion with regard to the challenges facing utilities. A smart grid can only be implemented with a smart IT solution, which will become critical for electricity transport and distribution. Relevant data becomes an asset to achieve this IT solution. The volume of data will increase as more measurements are received from more sensors and through the integration of more external data. Data management is critical to maintain control and can be achieved through standardisation of data exchange and harmonisation of data sources.

This one day training course will increase your understanding of the independent Common Information Model (CIM) for the utility industry in the standards IEC 61970, IEC 61968 and IEC 62325.

CIM provides data understanding through the identification of the relationships and associations of the data within a utility enterprise. This enhanced data understanding supports the exchange of data models and messages and improves the ability to integrate applications both within the enterprise and with trading partners. The CIM standards provide extensions and specifications that, when used in conjunction with the CIM models, provide a framework for the exchange of static models, transactional messages and full enterprise integration.

Your benefits
After attending this course, you will:

  • have a basic overview of CIM
  • understand the benefits of using CIM in your organisation
  • be able to identify the next steps in CIM usage
For more information and registration, please refer to the leaflet and the registration form.

On request, Energy Academy can also provide an in-house training course in the English or Dutch language (content, location and duration of the course can be adapted to the client's wishes). Please contact us for more information.
  • CIM introduction
  • Modelling and UML basics
  • CIM model overview and connectivity
  • CIM naming and extensions
  • CIM profiles and integration
  • CIM Demo with Enterprise Architect
  • CIM Business drivers and next steps
Target Audience:  
  • managers, data owners, data architects and interface developers of power utilities (TSOs and DSOs) who need up- to-date knowledge of CIM 
  • companies that need to exchange data based on CIM 
  • technology providers that are developing CIM compliant interfaces